Meet the Alberts brothers. Three firecrackers who like to keep things moving. Having three boys at home myself, I was fully prepared to capture these guys as quickly and cleanly as they would allow. I planned wardrobe ideas with their mom to bring in lots of colourful clothing and boy, did she deliver. Wardrobe is so important to the overall success of a portrait shoot, and I couldn’t have been happier with the options the boys’ mom had provided. Next was hair. I brought in a hairstylist to maximize the bounce on these boys’ legendary hair.  Another slam dunk, thanks to Niki from 306 Salon in Moose Jaw.

In studio portrait sessions are a great way to capture your little ones at their best. A session renders lots of options for great memories to hang on your wall, or your desk at work. Call any time to find out more.


Regina Portrait Photographer