For the release of the Dipstick Beverage Cooler (click here), we had a strong idea for the video shoot: create a distinctly memorable ice fishing experience for any mobile screen. We wanted to engage the minds of outdoor enthusiasts through relatable imagery and music, without a corporate feel. The Dipstick product itself is part of a larger story about friendship, remoteness, wilderness and simplicity. Our 60 second video is now a viral phenomenon.
  • Over 1 million views on Facebook (no paid boosting or ads)
  • Over 17,000 shares on Facebook
  • Customer and large retail orders coming in from across North America


Reaching the digital stratosphere is what we aimed for. Stay tuned for more from this forward-thinking company:

“When a good idea and a creative concept come together, anything is possible. In just a few weeks, we’ve got everyone talking about the Dipstick and the response has been overwhelming. We’ll keep the incredible momentum going with new videos and exciting opportunities for our customers.”
Adam Butler, Founder/President