>Guess who showed up on my street this weekend?  That’s right, I was mowing the lawn when I heard John the sharpening guy come down the street ringing the bell in his little blue truck.  I dumped the lawnmower to run upstairs in a frantic search for our dull kitchen knives.  John got them sharpened up in a jiffy.
He’s a super friendly guy.  He told me he drives around the entire GTA, from Mississauga to Scarborough in his little truck.  More than 300,000 km’s on those wheels.  The best part though, is that when John immigrated to Canada from Italy over 50 years ago, the first street he lived on was mine.  I know, it sounds like a line he might use on all his customers, but he was speaking the truth.  
Great guy.  Keep your eyes peeled for him.  His stories are even better than his sharpening skills.