Nicole and Justin were a pleasure to photograph this last week in Regina. We’ve had a few phone conversations over the process of them hiring me to photograph their wedding this summer. But this engagement shoot gave me the opportunity to sit down and talk with them face to face. And what did I find out? You’d be amazed what you can learn about people when you photograph them. For example, these two didn’t really like each other when they first met, back when they were kids on their paper routes. It wasn’t until years later that they started dating.

I gave Nicole and Justin the task of chatting over a drink at Malt City in Regina while I casually snuck around the bar/restaurant taking candid shots of them.  Afterwards we headed out around Regina to photograph the excited couple. It’s always great working with couples combining ideas for shoots such as locations. Nicole wanted to capture the tree blossoms on the front lawn of the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, and so we headed straight there. Here are a few highlight images, feel free to leave a comment.


Regina Wedding Photographer

Regina Wedding Photo

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Saskatoon Wedding Photo