>Last month I had the most amazing experience attending the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  My best friend Todd met me there, and we had a super time attending three hockey games: Czech vs. Russia, Canada vs. Russia, Canada vs. Slovakia.  We saw fantastic games, including Jagr, Ovechkin, and of course all of the Canadian greats.  The Canada vs. Russia game was the best game I will ever see in my lifetime.  So nervous going in, so elated coming out.  This first shot below is Todd and I at that game.  

My favorite part of the trip, however, was the general friendliness and positive spirit amongst everyone throughout the city.  The people of Vancouver were great hosts, and all the guests were fully enjoying themselves.
The last two shots are of my city tour ride on the most beautiful day there.  It was about 12Celsius, the perfect day to check out all the neighborhoods.  I rented a pretty sweet Cervélo for that ride.  Great bike + perfect weather + beautiful Vancouver = a very happy Andy.