Working with various clients calls for various methods of interaction.  Often people are quite nervous about being photographed; some get a little tense and their expression becomes quite serious, others naturally laugh to dispel their fear causing something of an insincere smile.  Just a little direction on my part usually calms a subject and eventually gets that genuine look we want.  {Record-scratch}  Meet the Nelsons:  The most hilarious, self-depricating, wise-cracking, one-upping group you could imagine.  I’ve never experienced such hilarity in trying to photograph a group while shaking from laughing so hard.  For the first time I was not focussing on directing the subjects so much as I was trying to control my own demeanor.

The backstory: The Nelsons called me to say they really wanted to be photographed on their quads in their Roughrider jerseys.  Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are avid quad-ists in their spare time, and the whole family has a deep love for their home team.  We had a lot of fun and in the end, I think we got some good shots of the family in-between moments of laughter.